Granny Squares

crochetime suggested a “new world (where) we will only sleep under crocheted blankets – banishing duvets. Granny Squares will become currency and sheep will be holy animals.” and I am getting ready! Here’s my folded …

Granny Squares

… and unfolded blanket.


Now, where do I get a sheep?


5 thoughts on “Granny Squares

    • I love your blanket!! With all of the granny squares around our house I’ll be a wealthy woman in this new world! Thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog as well as your kind comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.
      PS: I love the summer and winter pics of the flowers outside your house!!


    • Your post made me laugh out loud when I saw it and wth the blanket being ready I just had to quote you. However, there is a comment under your “survivors” post and a pingback.


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