No Flower Blanket

I started those little squares in 2010 (yes, 2010 …) and maybe I needed a blog to finally confess this will NEVER be a blanket. NEVER. Each flower square measures an inch …



But what am I going to do with them? Greeting cards? A mini scarf? A border of some sort? Or yet a baby blanket with the flowers spread out randomly? What color and how? I don’t know. What would you do? Suggestions are highly appreciated …

18 thoughts on “No Flower Blanket

  1. I actually really like the art idea, you could easily stick them to a canvas of frame them. They are so lovely. You coud do loads with them , they’d be lovely as part of a headband, or you could make them into brooches simply by stitching brooch pins to the back.


  2. I love the canvas idea for them, and I totally understand not wanting to make them into a full sized blanket! Such tiny squares would take forever to sew together, much less make enough of them and sew in all the ends! Another idea: you could sew them into cubes and stuff them and use them as Christmas ornaments next year!


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