Flower Blanket

The weather is bad, it’s cold, rainy, NASTY outside and I feel the urge to repost the flower blanket. Here it is, together with J:


Recently, I started working on a “summer version” (pure cotton) but the store ran out of red and pink … Not sure what to do next. Maybe I’ll arrange the squares randomly without any red or pink at all. I might as well wait for next summer hoping that both colors will be available again. Or I surf the net (why didn’t I think of that before?!) and find it online. It’s definitely a 2013 project …


9 thoughts on “Flower Blanket

  1. Beautiful Blanket. I too find crochet flowers addictive to make. I have made a bag full of 5 petal flowers. Any idea how to connect them to make a blanket?


    • That’s a tough one! The only thing I can think of (not knowing what your flowers look like and how many you actually have) would be to do scarves first and then join those scarves to have a small blanket. Does that make sense? Here is a tutorial that explains it pretty good: http://bit.ly/WlNOZj – at least how to make flower scarves.
      Other than that – I don’t know. To join 5 petal flowers is harder than 6 or 8. Good luck!


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