Little Horse, “Waldorf style”

Actually, I am working on an African Flower blanket and a new cover for a footstool / ottoman (posts to be) but coming across an unusual pattern almost ALWAYS makes me put things on hold and start over … This is what happened when I discovered the homepage of a German Waldorf kindergarden, suggesting to knit farm animals. I instantly fell for the horse. The pattern is very easy, the outcome delightful. We have a band of wild horses now. And one zebra.

First, you knit the body according to the pattern. It’s all in one piece with a little increase and decrease. Quick and easy, done in an hour.


Then you fold it …


… and finally you join it (don’t forget to work in the tail).


So far, all our horses have neither ears nor a mane as I don’t like the ears the pattern suggests and do not know how to do the mane. But isn’t it loveable even without?!


19 thoughts on “Little Horse, “Waldorf style”

  1. Hi there, love the horse! I have been trying to get a german guy at work to help me translate and it’s not really working. Is there any way you could send me english pdf? Thanks Rebecca (


  2. This little horse inspired me to make other animals too … at present a fox … a chicken … done and gifted … horses and elephant ‘skins’ in boxes ready for making up and gifting a monkey is in creation … arms and tail to do … body and legs done … Love this form of creating ….


  3. Hi Carina
    Just saw this gorgeous pattern. Can I please have information on an English translation. I knit horses for riding for the disabled and this would be fantastic. We give them to our riders.
    Thank you
    Best wishes
    Amanda Cassidy


  4. Could I please have the English translation too ! Love this little horse for all my baby friends. Now I no longer have the magazine I first got it from. Bonnie


  5. Hello- I would love info on the English translation also, please! I need to knit a Dala horse for a friend’s baby coming at Christmas and this seems like e perfect base.


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