African Flowers

When starting this project in January, I would crochet 5 flowers the day and J would arrange them on our living room table. The idea was to make a blanket from stash (of the same brand) but within a short time I ran out of white. As a matter of fact – the store is not around the corner, life keeps me busy, other projects were tempting – I still have not bought adequate supply … However, we needed the living room table and fortunately J agreed to remove the flowers if I would take a picture of his composition. (Supposedly, there is a system to it. I don’t see it though). Here is the picture:

African Flowers

Now, the flowers are nicely piled in a shoebox (probably forever) and my only excuse is that even if I bought a skein of white I still don’t know which color to use to join them. Green? Brown?

9 thoughts on “African Flowers

  1. Green 🙂 And I think I see the system: no 2 flowers of the same colour should be touching each other, but still, the whole composition should seem somewhat random and natural. I think… 🙂


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  3. I just stumbled over this post. The colors are stunning!!!
    I’d use white for joining. I think it would give the blanket a certain amount of lightness and the green would pop in a good way 🙂


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