lovely egg cozy

It was probably right around Valentine’s day when the stores started selling Easter Chocolate, Easter eggs, Easter jelly beans and Easter candy. There were still another two months to go, but you would get all sorts of Easter decoration at the drug store and Easter greeting cards at the stationary shop. Easter EVERYWHERE! I did my best to ignore all of that until …

… I ran into Crazy Dazy’s  lovely Egg Cozies. And before I knew it I found myself in an armchair knitting a little bunny lady.

The pattern is easy to understand, anyone used to knit in rounds with four (or five) double-pointed knitting needles shouldn’t have a problem to follow. However, this little lady will stay single, a lone wolf … Knitting something that small, those tiny ears, embroidering the minuscule nose, and making a mini pom-pom is definitely not for me. Sadly!

Fortunately, Easter in our house is with hard boiled eggs that do not need a cozy 🙂 Consequently, the lady will either become a stuffed animal and live with J or move out …

egg cozy

egg cozy

egg cozy


6 thoughts on “lovely egg cozy

  1. Hi, I love your bunny lady, She turned out really well despite you not liking tiny projects. Im the opposite I dont have the patience for large projects, Ali


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