The Pouf

When I grew up in the 70s we would have ottomans in our living room. Back then, we would call them poufs though. I remember at least two: one was covered with bright red artificial leather, with tassels at each corner and Cleopatra in gold (no comments, please) all around. The other one was from Spain, checkered in brown and black, probably artificial leather too, showing a huge ranch brand on top.

They were there as long as I remember and consequently, when moving out, I would take the red one with me. Probably because it was convenient to have (and yes: no one else wanted it …)

In the 90s, I thought about having an old sofa redone and asked the upholsterer to do the Cleopatra pouf with the same drapery. Holding it at arm’s length, he did not approve but he would upholster it nonetheless and both, sofa and pouf, looked perfect together. However, soon thereafter I ended up storing the sofa at my parents’ as it was too uncomfortable for me to sit on. Way too high and somehow not suitable for everyday use. I took a picture for you to see what I mean:


Can you imagine kids slouched on that sofa, or anyone curling up to watch a movie? At the same time, I would use the pouf excessively: to sit on it, to put my feet up, to place a tray on it, anything would work with it, and after 17 years of doing so you could tell: the top side was cracked, the fabric was badly worn, and the colors were faded.

As a matter of fact, those days when I would have furniture upholstered just like that are long gone (due to spending too much money on fiber craft maybe … 🙂 ), so I decided to re-cover the pouf myself. And that’s what I did!




One square and four rectangles, joint with slip stitches, and a (mindless) pattern, consisting of four different rows (dc, nothing else)  that I would be willing to translate and post upon request.

Here is the link to the German pattern.


21 thoughts on “The Pouf

  1. Darf ich nach der Anleitung für das Muster fragen?
    Es sieht phantastisch aus und fühlt sich bestimmt gut an.

    Du schreibst, das Muster sei quasi ein No-Brainer mit vier verschiedenen, sich immer wieder wiederholenden Doppelstäbchenreihen?


    • Es ist in der Tat ein No Brainer, wenn mans einmal raus hat. Und toll anfühlen tut es sich auch. Dehnt sich allerdings, so dass ich den nächsten deutlich “strammer” machen würde.
      Schick mir Deine Mailadresse über hä (eMail me Button), dann schicke ich Dir die Anleitung fürs Muster (sogar mit Bild).


      • Leider finde ich den email-Button nicht.
        Meine Mailadresse hängt aber bereits hier an meiner Antwort dran, ich weiß nicht, ob du die sehen kannst?

        Die Elastizität des Musters finde ich interessant. Das wäre bestimmt schön bei einer Decke zum Einkuscheln. Das Ganze aus babyweicher Baumwolle gehäkelt….


  2. This is lovely, the random dc looks like a basketweave. Would you please share your tutorial on how we can recreate this? I’m considering recovering my couch and this would be a great starting point. Thanks!


    • Yes, it’s the basketweave ( I would crochet 5 squares the size of the pouf, border each with single crochet and finally crochet them together. But: If I were to make another I would make those squares a little smaller (probably an inch smaller than the acual size of the pouf’s sides/seating), as the cover I made starts to wear out already … Good luck and – please – keep me updated on your project. It sounds like quite a challenge :).


    • Danke für das Kompliment. Ich habe die Anleitung jetzt als pdf Datei oben in meinen Blogpost integriert. Für meinen Pouf habe ich 5 x das rote Sitzkissen gehäkelt.


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  5. Please send the English version of the pattern. I would really appreciate it. Your pouf is absolutely gorgeous! Also love the red.


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