A Teddy goes Public

I have quite a few childhood friends, some forever friends, but also business friends and eMail friends. Some are casual friends others are close friends but there is only ONE genuine crochet friend (well, maybe two crochet friends, says J, referring to Hannah, her constant interest and support in my projects and blog … :)).

Anyhow – it was rather by chance that Juliane and I realized we’re both hookers. However, she does not have a blog (yet) and consequently I am in the fortunate position to post the little bear she made the other day. She calls him the UglyTeddy, which is probably a synonym for “Teddy with a lot of character” as he is not ugly at all.

Be it as it may, the UglyTeddy is here to meet the world. Please welcome the UglyTeddy with me (Ta-daaaah – a drum roll, please).

Crochet Teddybear


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