A Happy Ending?

Well, sort of a happy ending …

Some of the elementary school students may have liked the Bobble Wrap but others – probably elder students – obviously did not. Someone was successful in unraveling some of the bobbles. And if that wasn’t enough, the aggressor tried to tear the whole thing off.

Less than a week after I had put it up, I found the pole’s wrap beaten-up and distorted at the bottom of the street sign. (Sorry, no picture.)

So I took it off (swearing like a trooper), fixed it and now it’s back up. But no longer down the street but at the gas lantern in front of my house, and next to all other yarn graffiti that’s been there all along.

My house will have an eye on it. See those angry eyebrows and that mean look of the 2nd floor windows?

yarn bombing

PS: Yes, I remade the flowers and leaves too. Rain and sun had taken pretty much all colors away.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Ending?

    • Neither did I! Quite the opposite: when making it I envisioned little kids being fascinated by those bobbles and touching them every time they walk by. Sort of a “hands-on exhibit.” Well, maybe some of them did …


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