Pencil Warmers

As if I hadn’t known it all along: there is a tremendous amount of pleasure in valuing the simple things in life!

Jostrong’s pencil warmers based on Jesszy’s pencil sleeves just brightened my day. The warmers are knitted flat, the sleeves are worked in rounds. Click on the links for more detailed instructions.

If you’re more into crochet go ahead and crochet those little sleeves and if you like to knit a warmer for your favorite crochet hook even an iCord might work. The possibilities are unlimited 🙂

the warmers

the sleeves

COMPLETION (the day after):

As J was absolutely fascinated by the idea of having pencil warmers (and totally disappointed that those on the pictures weren’t ours but “only” pictures) I knitted one when he was in bed and put it secretly in his pencilcase 🙂 …

pencil warmer

blue pencil warmer for J

… before I forget: don’t start making those … its truely addictive and you may not be able to stop …

And then there were two ...

And then there were two …


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