Yoga Socks

Next week, a very close friend of mine will start a new job. She is very much looking forward to it. And as if the job wasn’t enough – her new employer arranged for all his employees to take part in yoga classes twice the week for free. Isn’t that foresighted, thoughtful and nice?!

Hence, early this week the friend sent me a very sweet postcard asking me to knit yoga socks for her.

Yoga socks … ? Between you and me, I have never heard the term before, I didn’t even know it existed and had to search the net to get an idea. Fortunately, Rebecca’s easy (and free) pattern for “Double Duty Yoga Socks and Boot Toppers” was right there.  Aren’t they pretty?

What can I say other than: a new project that needs to be finished by Christmas (I am sure you’ve noticed the slightly desperate untertone in this sentence) on my needles. This is how far I am:

Yoga SocksAre there any yoga people out there to tell me whether I am on the right track with this pattern? I have never taken part in yoga classes … (Maybe I will if the socks turn out nice).


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