Babyblanket — CrochetAlong

The babyblanket is coming along nicely. Another 10 rows, finally the edging and we’ll be done.

Crazy to think about it.

Even though we only started in mid October it feels like I have been in this forever. We had tulips, and granny stripes, and bobbles (single- and two colored); we had the spike stitch as well as the star stitch. All in all, 110 rows in the colors of the rainbow. To make up the pattern, to write the instructions was a lot of fun (even though more sophisticated, more complex than I thought it would be).

This is where we got last Friday:

Babyblanket Babydecke Crochet AlongIf you’re interested in looking at everyone else’s beautiful blankets have a look at my Facebook account.

Last night, I finished the “prototype,” the archetypal blanket. Like I said: Crazy to think about it …


13 thoughts on “Babyblanket — CrochetAlong

    • And I love it that we have the same name! Seriously, I never met someone with my name before. Looks like you and I have even more in common: colors and yarn 🙂


  1. Very pretty. I just discovered your blog and it’s nice to get a little Heimat with this, too. Grew up in Germany but have been living in the US for the past 10 years. I miss Germany bunches! I also learned how to knit and crochet from Oma, and have a really hard time understanding the US knitting and crocheting patterns. I hope to get plugged into the German yarn community a bit better.


    • To get plugged into the German yarn community shouldn’t be too complicated. Try, but be prepared that you may need to brush up your German 🙂 as quite a few German crocheters/knitters are reluctant to speak/read/write in English …
      Where are you from (in Germany) and where are you now?


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