Offline and badly off


This weekend, someone broke into our house. They would pry open the kitchen window to take jewellery and my laptop. Every single picture that I took since J was born is on that laptop. No backup. As soon as I have a new computer, I’ll try to rescue what ever may have been on my camera’s SD cards. Wish me luck.

However, what troubles me the most is that they have been all over: They opened every drawer, every little box, everything in the house. They even rummaged around in my knitting basket.

I may not blog for a while, I don’t know.

13 thoughts on “Offline and badly off

  1. That’s awful, I really feel for you. I’ve had my house broken into before, while I was asleep upstairs. I was more upset about the fact that there was someone in the house, while I and my daughter were in it than that they stole our TV. Really really big hugs, I can only imagine how upset I’d be if I lost all my photos. Xx


  2. I’m realy sorry for you! Wishing you the best to coop with this realy bad event.
    I know what it does to a person. All the best and thinking about you and your family.
    Crossing my fingers that you have still some off your dearest photo’s
    Big huggs Renate


  3. how awful for you – I can not “like” this post. I know ho wviolated you feel, knowing that they took their time and went through every piece of your house. Hopefully you will be able to recover photos, and that anyone you shared photos with in the past will send them back to you.

    BUT – I am so glad that you and your family are safe. As bad as it is, it could be so much worse. Post when you feel up to it, I will be here when you are ready.


  4. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope perhaps the police could find the people who took your things and perhaps at least get back your computer with all of your pictures. I hope you will be able to feel safe in your house again soon, too.


  5. Just before Christmas I had the same thing – and they took my blogging laptop too – sigh…. It takes a while to get your confidence back when coming in the house (especially for the children) – I hope you are able to retrieve some of those precious photos. Ali x


  6. Thank you all! Your comments really helped A LOT!
    It’s scary though to read that most of you have had the very same experience (or even worse!). Once I am done with police and insurance, carpenter and glazier, I’ll be back blogging. Thank you again!


  7. Liebe Carina, das ist ja Furchtbar! Ich glaube es ist erschreckend wenn jemand Fremdes alles durchwühlt hat. Hoffentlich habt ihr den Schrecken bald verarbeitet. Ganz liebe Grüße Tina


  8. Just terrible. As a personal photo organizer, I have seen the unbelievable sadness brought by photo loss. I always recommend a backup hard drive (stored in a location NOT with your computer, and preferably at someone else’s home or in a bank safe box or something). So terribly sad – so much to lose on one’s laptop. So sorry to hear.


    • I learned that the hard way, I guess … When my computer (at home) went haywire I would transfer all photos to my (business) laptop – knowing this must not be forever. But with end of year business, christmas and all of that I never got around to actually install a back-up hard drive. I won’t make the same mistake twice – that’s for sure!
      Thanks for your message, thanks for understanding!


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