Sechsecke aus Deutschland.

The hexagons I sent to Great Britain arrived! Very soon they will become part of Patch’s “Collaborative Crochet Blanket.”


More international hexagons today for our Collaborative Crochet Blanket. You might have guessed from the title where they come from…  Yep,  Carina has sent them to us from Berlin.

As you can see, Carina has used the African Flower pattern to make her hexagons, adding extra rows of dc (sc if you use American terms) to get them up to the right size. She has memorised the pattern so didn’t follow a particular version for these hexagons, but you know where to find one if you want one. I know she was concerned about their size because they had more rows than others but they are absolutely fine. If you use dc for your extra rows the stitches have less height than trebles and you will, therefore, need more rows to achieve the size. I really love the addition of black to the rainbow colours… it seems to make them even…

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