Work in Progress

Last year, I bought three of those bags at an appartment shopping, hosted by a young designer. Two of the bags are made from fabric Sara has bought in Africa. Originally, each of them had only one string but that turned out to be unfunctional. Luckily, the pink lace was long enough to cut into halves (which is what I did). The green and silber bag has shoe laces now 🙂

The turqouis bag has been with me for almost 10 years now. It was given to us when J was born (it came with a bib if I remember right).

haekelmonster.comThe blue and pink sack is my favorite. It has tiny little white dots. At present, it holds the “less loved” WIP though. A black lace wrap made of a thread thin as surgical silk (…) that I may never finish …

I much rather knit the green merino wrap in the green and silver bag. However, somehow the orange sack gets to come along with me more often than its silblings. Right now, it is keeping the white Elise shawl.

How do you store your WIP’s?


5 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. I use project bags as much as I can, but I often run out of things of the appropriate size and resort to plastic ziploc bags.


    • They are not just beautiful but extremely practical, I have to admit. When knitting you can leave the ball in the bag and hang the bag (with its strap) onto an armrest, a window handle, anywhere and it is safe 🙂


  2. Love this idea! I usually use the dustbags for my handbags but since I sew, I like the idea of using my funky fabric scraps for my different WIPs…just grab and go instead of transferring!

    Do you use a case for your crochet/knitting needles?


    • I was given a beautiful case for Christmas but it never gets to leave the house, it’s to bulky. So usually I start a project at home, stuff it in the bag (yarn & needle) and talke it along. Whenever things get complicated they have to stay indoors 🙂


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