Fall Confessions

Well, looks like it’s fall. Do I like it? I don’t know. But I could smell it this morning. Don’t you just love that smell? It is almost as good as holding chestnuts in your hand. Not to mention the food in fall: Hokkaido pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash, soups and stew and hot pot. I am not a cook but I love cooking (and eating) in fall.

Same with colors: the blazing red, all purple, and yellow, and orange. Those remaining shades of green. These are my favorite colors, regardless of the season.


Virginia creeper on our house

However, I dread the dark. Those short days when you have to get up before daylight and come back home when it’s dark again. All I hear is doom and gloom, and all is darkness in my room … (to quote the Rolling Stones).

No, despite the colors and the food and the smell and the chestnuts – fall is by no means my favorite time of the year.

Therefore, and to brighten my mood, I thought about starting a new project and went looking through my stash. Mistake! BIG mistake as I ran right into the basket where all WIPs and UFOs are hiding …

To me, WIPs are projects I am still working on. Occasionally. But there is progress. UFOs have been abandoned for a long, long time … They really are neglected and to be pitied. Finding those, totally killed my mood and my longing for a new project.

However, to grab the bull by the horns, I took pictures of each and every wrap-to-be, scarf-to-be, blanket-to-be …. Maybe blogging about them motivates me to keep going. It wouldn’t hurt if you asked me about it every now and then 🙂

Here they come:

shawl haekelmonster.com

The shawl I want my lovely neighbor to have. Made of 100% linen. Halfway done.

babyblanket haekelmonster.com

A kid’s blanket-to-be. I need to square those circles, join as I go, work edging. About 10 circles are still to be made.

laceshawl haekelmonster.com

100% UFO. Lace yarn thin as sewing silk. 25% done (regarding it with favor). Pure black – nothing I want to knit in lamplight, no fall project …

babyblanket haekelmonster.com

Another blanket-to-be. Bigger than the other one. So far, I have made a crochet edging for the first 18 squares and joined them with six in a row. Another five rows ahead of me …

wrap haekelmonster.com

A pattern I fell for when in Chicago. Probably one third done in beautiful dark green wool. Would be the perfect wrap to wear in fall – if only it was done …

pompom haekelmonster.com

The girl I used to babysit (long grown up, mother of three) asked for a bobbly hat in dark blue with a pink pompom. This is where I am 🙂

granny square haekelmonster.com

Another UFO: Something I started and ran out of yarn. Does that ever happen to you too? (Please don’t say pillow case. I neither need nor want one).

So, what do you think? No christmas knitting for me this year, right? Detention instead … Seriously: how many WIPs do you have hiding in your house?

11 thoughts on “Fall Confessions

  1. I had, until recently, about 6 WIPs. Then, last weekend, I decided to get them all done as soon as possible. Now, I’m down to two, one of which I cast on yesterday as a reward for finishing the other 5. Needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself. 🙂

    Your WIPs are looking fabulous, by the way!


    • HA! No wonder you’re pleased with yourself. That’s fantastic!! And maybe a reward will do the trick for me – if I manage to finish two WIPs by the end of next week, I may start a new one 🙂


    • Nicht so schön, aber manchmal geht es nicht anders … Ich wollte die schwarze Lacewolle zurück in den Laden bringen und dann hat die Dame dort mich überzeugt, dass das viel zu schade wäre, weil das Maschenbild schön ist und überhaupt. Nun liegt es hier wieder, mein UFO …


  2. Den Leinen-Schal und das Chicago-Projekt sollten absolute Priorität bekommen, alles andere, das würde ich für faule Momente, wenn Dir nichts anderes zu tun einfällt, sozusagen als Lückenbüßer, auf der Seite liegen lassen. Aber das bin ich, die das tun würde 🙂 Ich wollte heute meinen Janker weiter stricken, was habe ich gemacht? Mit einer Freundin auf dem Balkon gesessen, ohne zu stricken und dann CD’s vermomoxt – manchmal kommt es einfach anders!


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