Bits and Pieces of Yarn

My wonderful friend sent a huge box, filled to the rim with tiny little bits and pieces of yarn: cotton and mohair, cashmere and wool, thin and thick, all colors of the rainbow. It came with a little note “dump it if you don’t need it.” Dump it? No way!

IMG_4186 Instead, I would sort through it, wind it, and admire the little balls, wondering what to make out of them.

haekelmonster.comSome had their wrappers inside (they were literally wrapped around it) and I would enjoy to guess the composition first and verify later whether my guess had been right. This one – sock yarn by the way – was bought when Germany still had “Deutsche Mark” and not the Euro – see the price tag?





Finally, I started making cell phone cozies – but that became sort of boring after the third …

cellcozies haekelmonster.comHats were next. As always, Julius was the adorable model and we had a good laugh.

A bobble hat

Another bobble hat

A slouchy hat - that's what they're called, right?

A slouchy hat – that’s what they’re called, right?

DON’T LAUGH when you have your picture taken or your face might CRACK … He is such a great kid!

The black was not in the box, but the colors for the pompom

The black was not in the box, but the colors for the pompom

An elf's hat

An elf’s hat

Tomorrow, I will send those hats to my friend. I have no idea where those left-overs and hanks came from but maybe she likes to keep a hat as a souvenir of what has once been a sock, a sweater, another hat.

And now please DON’T say that I had planned to finish WIPs instead of whipping up hats …


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