Boston Mix

Dear people at Schachenmayr –

I was given a ball of your Boston Mix in braun color (= brown color). To be honest: I would probably not have chosen that color combinaton myself: blunt brown, undefined beige, a strident orange. It’s not my taste. However, my son sort of liked it and he wanted a bobble hat. So I started knitting.

As a matter of fact, this turned out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Here’s why:IMG_4241

  1. The yarn is 84% polyacrylics and 16% wool. That is nothing I usually work with. But to make things worse, Boston Mix is prone to split even when using dull pointed
  2. The ball I was given was broken more than once in its middle and had three knots in 109 yards.
  3. To top that, Boston Mix is not a gradient yarn. Instead, individual hanks are tied up (for the length of half an inch) with what looks like grey sewing yarn. No matter how you knit – there is no way to hide those mends.

IMG_4240 A ball of Boston Mix currently retails at 12,95 € (16 US$). What on earth is going on with your pricing? As much as I love your sock yarn Regia – Boston Mix was a huge disappointment.

bobble hat schachenmayr haekelmonster.comHowever, there is a happy-ending – at least in my story. For the time being my son likes the bobble hat I made. He is determined to wear it once it is cold enough. Eventually, the hat will meet the same fate as his predecessors: Julius will loose it at school or grow out of it. Ideally before the yarn’s poor quality shows.

People at Schachenmayr – you may wonder why I am writing to you: well, at least in my knitting wonderland you have a reputation to lose and I would hate to see that happen. Therefore, could you please revise the next edition of Boston Mix or reassess your pricing strategy?

6 thoughts on “Boston Mix

  1. It actually looks pretty cool, my son would like it too! Can’t believe its that expensive for an acrylic mix, I agree you’ve got to wonder what they are thinking. Jxx



  2. Danke für diesen Artikel – leider kommen geknotete Fäden in teuerer Markenwolle häufig vor. Ich habe mit Egypto Cotton von Schachenmayr gehäkelt und gleich in mehreren Knäulen Knoten gehabt. Geht irgendwie gar nicht. Ich hoffe das Team von Schachenmayr liest deinen Artikel und verbessert die Qualtät.
    LG nach Berlin
    PS: der Mütze sieht man nichts an, sie ist voll süß


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