2nd WIP? Done!

The good news is: I finished the shawl for my neighbor. And it turned out really nice. Made of 100% linen it feels like … uh … 100% linen – does that make sense? I don’t think there is any other possible description. It’s the only material I can think of with such a sleek texture, a material that tends to be heavy, even when used in a lacy pattern. I am making it worse when rambling about the fabric, right? Especially since most of you knitted with linen before. So you know what I mean: it’s a beautiful yarn, displayed in a simple stitch pattern.

I sure hope my neighbor will love it.

linen shawl haekelmonster

However, I started a new project (which I said I would not, I know) and I am so NOT happy with it! The caretaker’s wife gave the yarn to me at work. A big ball of what looks like mohair, but the more I knit, the more I realize that half of it is probably something else. The way the yarn wrinkles, the way the wrinkles stay makes me wonder. Mohair would be more of a cloud, regain shape – this one does not. My knitting looks “cheap.” The ball came without its sleeve, my guess is it was bought in the 70s – that’s just the way it looks.

And I don’t know what to do.

mohair scarf haekelmonster

So far, the caretaker was obviously pleased that I actually started working with the yarn (I showed it to him today), so maybe now I should turn it into an UFO, bury it somewhere and never finish it? Maybe I should keep going (25″ / 63 cm so far) and once it is a scarf, I might find someone who could not care less about weight and characteristics but really likes the color?

What would you do?


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