Update on Everyday Life

My sister and her daughters are here to visit. The longer they stay the more I feel like wading in “Rainbow looms.” They are literally everywhere. The youngest made a bracelet in green and purple for me. My favorite colors – so sweet.

rainbow looms haekelmonster.comOther than that we’ve been baking and eating apple cake and playing board games. With work and all, there is not much time left for knitting …

The weather is bad, it is no fun to go outside and – to be honest – at times I am tempted to turn on the TV or give permission to all other electronic devices, to have a few minutes on my own. Sounds familiar?

shawl haekelmonster.comAt least there is progress with the yellow shawl (79″ / 200 cm). I am almost done with it.


2 thoughts on “Update on Everyday Life

  1. At least with the rainbow looms you will have a nice reminder of the time you spent with your nieces. As in when you are still picking up the rubber bands from under the couch weeks from now. 🙂 But it is good that you are getting to spend some time them.

    A good hint for getting some time to yourself is to organize a “family movie afternoon” and bring your knitting along to the couch. That way you technically aren’t just sitting the kids in front of the TV, you are bonding over an old or new favorite movie. We use those quite frequently in this house to just get an hour or two of calm before having to rush out again for activities.

    Enjoy the time with your sister and nieces! Everybody needs a little family time once in a while without having too much pressure of having to get things done.


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