Rikke hat in burgundy bliss

Lately, I have been knitting quite a few hats using every ball of yarn I could get my hands on. After all, I knew that winter lasts forever in Berlin and sooner or later most of these hats would be lost in public transportation, lead a lonely existence in some drawer at school, or end up as a soccer ball or the like. Sigh …

Hence, I did not care about the yarn and most hats were made in acrylics to minimize the expected loss.

All was well, until last night when I cast on a hat with Drachenwolle. This is when I realized how I had missed out on knitting pleasure while knitting those hats with … well … rubbish …

Drachenwolle is probably the nicest yarn I have ever worked with. I won a skein – 320 m of semisolid burgundy bliss in 100% extrafine merino – about a year ago, keeping it for something special. But special was never special enough.

It was only when I saw the Rikke hat on Anyusha’s blog Dunkelbunt (probably translates as “dark intense”) that I knew exactly what my skein was meant to be.

Rikke hat häkelmonster DrachenwollePattern and yarn are second to none and I could not be happier! I will take more pictures of the finished hat once there is daylight outside and not foggy grey when I come home from work. (However, the beautiful burgundy bliss might still be sort of bleeding as in picture above. Sorry for that).

Voilà! New pictures.

Rikke hat häkelmonster Drachenwolle Rikke hat häkelmonster Drachenwolle





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