The Afterthought Heel

Socks look funny without feet. At least mine do.

Anyhow, I finished a pair of socks with afterthought heels. They turned out really nice and supposedly they are very comfortable (according to a 10-year-old).

Plus, Regia’s self striping sock yarn is beautiful to work with!

socks haekelmonster socks haekelmonster socks haekelmonsterKnitting identical socks is the ultimate – I know …

8 thoughts on “The Afterthought Heel

  1. I’ve used Regia yarns a few times and always love them. 🙂 Pretty socks!

    I love the afterthought heel. A few years back, my husband’s aunt wanted 4 pairs of homemade socks for Christmas and afterthought heels saved me. 🙂


  2. Those look great! I’ve never done an afterthought heel myself, I’m more of a fan of the reinforced heel flap. Probably because I like trying the socks on as I go. You’ve got me toying with the idea of an afterthought heel on the gift socks I’m making this season, though.


    • “afterthought heel” or “reinforced heel flap” – any of them is worth making if only for the wording, don’t you think? Makes me feel like a pro 🙂 (Will have to google “reinforced heel flap” though, as I have no clue what it is …)


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