It’s cold in Berlin (-7°C / 20°F this morning) and I am back to knitting accessories: wrist warmers, socks, cowls, hats. The heating went off over the weekend and we were ever so grateful for the stove. (No warm water though … shiver …).

With cold wrists I easily turn from nice to mean – sort of my “Achilles’ heel.” Hence, wrist warmers have become a matter of course with me for at least six months per year.

wristwarmer häkelmonsterThe first pair is made of bits and pieces of yarn I had in stash and they turned out surprisingly thick and soft. Actually, they look a lot nicer in reality than in the picture. I would like to take another but have already sent them to a former colleague. Well, that’s that …

Then, I read a blog post the other day about mittens with different colored thumbs. A grandmother made those for her granddaughter when the latter was a child. That way the little girl could distinguish left and right. What a cute thing to do. I will add the link as soon as I find it again. However, it inspired me to finish wrist warmers in different colors.

wristwarmers häkelmonsterLast but not least, I came up with a lovely cowl in dark green. It needs buttons though and I have not found them yet. Hence: pictures to follow.

What do you knit when you’re cold?

5 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. I have been making hats and socks, but dreaming of a sweater. I love to knit one in the winter, because of the nice “blanket effect” on my lap while it is in process. Might cast one on this weekend.

    I hope you have heat and hot water by now…


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