St. Nicholas

In late November the caretaker at work (remember I introduced you to him? He is the one who gave me the yellow yarn) wanted to build a wooden St. Nicholas. In fact, he wanted us to make two: one for him and one for me. But I was too busy. However, he would not let go. Once the wood was prepared (he had bolt some floorboards together) he asked me to outline body and face.

As I do not consider myself a good illustrator, I did some research instead to finally get hold of a constructional drawing a German hardware store had published in the late 90s. Yes, you’re right, I wanted to buy my way out of it … I had so many things on my list besides work and home – St. Nicholas was the last I thought of making. So I gave him the drawing and went back to work.

So did he.

The next day he came back with the first St. Nicholas. So far, he had only cut the wood, no paint yet, nothing, but all of a sudden I knew he was right. We had to make them!

St. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterIt so happened, that acrylic paint was on sale at Lidl and I bought it the same day. Soon thereafter, we would shuffle together paintbrushes and lids (to blend colors in) and started our mission: the DIY-St. Nicholases!

St. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterAnd they became so very beautiful!

St. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterHis is the soulful St. Nicholas, mine is rather cheerful. See that?!

St. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterFriday I took my St. Nicholas home from work – the finish hardly dry. Then I would secretly place him on our porch, close the door and lower the blinds.

St. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterSt. Nicholas Nikolaus HaekelmonsterJulius is 10, he is cool, he is in doubt about the whole “brushing-your-shoes-for-St.-Nicholas” idea, he still wants to believe in it though. Hence, he had polished his basketball sneakers (no surprise here).

The next morning I had him open the blinds and – trust me – his heart missed a beat 🙂

Hope you all had a peaceful and cozy 2. Sunday in Advent!



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