Happy 2015!

January. Again! Where did 2014 go?! It’s been a year, since someone broke into our house, stealing not only jewelry and my computer but basic trust, security, and safeness. Then – in February – the man I love lost his job.

There are better ways to start a year, that’s for sure. I remember those months being awfully dark, inside and out.

However, looking back, the break-in and my husband’s unemployment would help turn 2014 into one of the best years of my life. Seriously. Of course, summer being the way it was – endless and warm, untroubled and sunny – added to our well being.

After the break-in, three neighbors and I would organize a garden party in May for everyone in our street. We wanted people to meet as we figured that looking after each other might be a way to prevent future crime. More than 30 people attended and since then, we never stopped talking to each other. The neighbor to our right even learned how to knit – we meet every other week. And the lovely couple down the street invited us over on New Year’s day. Community and cohesion are big now in our street.

Even unemployment turned out to be beneficial for us. Yes, we have had more money before but at a high prize: M would work very long hours. Now he was in all day and after the first (tough) weeks (unshaved and lazy …) cooking became his passion. Lucky me!

We would sit outside as much as we could to eat and enjoy, to talk and to fall silent. As a couple, as family, with friends. Life was good.

After summer vacation Julius would change school, the man would find a new job and in early fall we were back on track. All new, all well.

December came way too fast! Wasn’t it only yesterday that we put up the tree?! Meanwhile Christmas is long gone, same with my birthday. Those last two weeks were packed with festivities and excitement and meals. Friends from all over Germany stayed with us for a while, snow came and went. Now we’re alone again and that is just as good.

Schneemann häkelmonsterAll through 2014 I have been knitting, crocheting, and blogging, while meeting knitters, crocheters, and blogger – online and in real life. Something I very much enjoyed!

So what’s next? Stupidly Luckily, I still have some WIP’s left to finish … However, I started a new project already. Nothing “2015” though. No sky scarf or mood blanket (congratulations Natasja!! You made it!). No monthly pair of socks. No project to go with me through the year. But just like every year I wonder if I should. Is there anything you do?

2014 was good! Very good even. 2015 is all new.

Hopefully those next 12 months will be happy and healthy for all of us, exciting and inspiring, established though fresh.

Birthday Tulips häkelmonsterWe’re in this together and I am glad you’re there!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. What a wonderful, optimistic text! Even makes me looking forward to 2015 and the things that may come though I usually hate this time of the year just after christmas with busy work life ahead again and not sure what the new year will bring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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