Color Combinations

To cut a long story short: I have knitted a pair of socks for the man I love and I do not like at all how they turned out. (For the whole story see what I wrote on my German blog) Fortunately, I don’t have to. He loves to wear them, he says they’re comfortable – what could be more important?

But look at those colors. Ugh! The yarn looked really nice when I bought it. As a ball – but not when it was knitted. Maybe the color combinations would have been nice with smaller feet. Maybe feet in size 15 are a challenge for every variegated yarn. I don’t know.

Socks HäkelmonsterAnd even though each sock is as long as a sleeve (roughly 12,5″ only the foot! Add the leg) there was still  yarn left of a 150g ball.

To make things worse, it is the second time I have done this. I did not like the yarn I used for Julius’ socks either. And there too I have leftovers lying around.

Socks HäkelmonsterSo I have decided to combine those leftovers. I will make wrist warmers, using both threads together. As soon as they’re done, you’ll see pictures. In the meantime I will work on my color choices when it comes to buying sock yarn …


4 thoughts on “Color Combinations

  1. Self-patterning yarns are supposed to make sock-making easier, but I don’t think they work very well outside of the “standard” foot size, whatever that happens to be for the specific company. I always have trouble getting them to come out correctly as socks. But I’ve definitely seen more success with arm warmers, so that’s a good way to go for the leftovers. Good luck!


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