Rainbow Wrap

There is no rhythm (yet) in my blogging in 2015 … Even though I feel like knitting night and day, there is hardly anything to blog about. I try though.

Right now, I have two “major WIPs” to knit and crochet:

I won’t talk about the first, well, hardly talk about the first project. My friend Jane is having a baby and I get to crochet the baby blanket. As Jane loves surprises, I don’t want her to see pictures of the blanket beforehand. (She is reading my blog, she says). So what can I do other than keeping it a secret? All I am going to say is that the blanket-to-be will be very colorful and made of cotton.

The other WIP is a garter stitch wrap in the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow Wrap häkelmonsterEven though I am only increasing one stitch in every second row it’s getting bigger and bigger with each row becoming longer and loooonger. So far, it measures 130x150x200cm (51x59x79″) I guess, I’ll stop once I run out of blue yarn, maybe I do some more in green and yellow. I’ll see.

Rainbow Wrap häkelmonster

Both sides are beautiful

Same with the edging. I might leave it the way it is (no edging at all) or add an icord edging. Maybe in light grey?

The whole wrap is very soft in 100% merino and very stretchy, with an unusual shape (at least to me). It is not the classic isosceles but an acute triangle. For all non-mathematicians – this is what it will look like:DreieckNot sure if it will be “wearable” and how. But as long as we have 10-14°C / 50-60°F in Berlin there should be enough time to figure things out …


PS: soknitsome just commented on my wrap (see below) comparing it to a shawl/wrap she made. Lovely color choices, beautiful yarn – here is the link to her Garter Grooves (fabulous name!) on Ravelry.


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Wrap

  1. It’s gorgeous! I made an asymmetrical wrap/shawl – same shape as yours (garter grooves – pattern is les sillons on Ravelry) I particularly liked rililie’s photos for wearing it.


  2. Love the colors on the wrap! At that size it sounds like a nice one you could wrap around your shoulders while walking, then use as a blanket if you get to sit on the train or when you get to work. Especially in such cold weather.

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