Another Sunday

… and I didn’t do much. January is almost over and that’s downright scary! Time flies – and I don’t know where!

So what did I do yesterday? Just like every weekend, I took my son to his basketball game (way too early – at least for my taste and habits). Again, they won and again I am stunned by my 10 yr old’s marksmanship and power.

basketball häkelmonsterWhat else? We went to the flea market and I spent too much money on a tiny fish I don’t need. However, he is beautiful and looked as if he needed a home. You would have done the same, right?

fish häkelmonsterBack home, I started knitting socks for Julius. He got to choose the color and decided on neon yellow. Trust me, it’s a lot brighter than in the picture … Somehow, I managed to knit one in no time and he would wear it all through the night. Could I ask for more?

socks neon häkelmonsterWhat did you do?



5 thoughts on “Another Sunday

  1. Those socks look great! Especially considering that you started knitting socks just recently. Mine never look that good! Which pattern do you use? Still “Socken stricken – von der Spitze zum Bündchen”? Then I might need that book too. 😉


    • Thank you 🙂 Those aren’t toe-up socks though. However, the book with its basic patterns (and advice) is definitly worth buying. I knitted these based on a pattern I found online combined with what I thought would be right …


  2. wow you are so fast! I wish I could get a bit of your speed!
    My children love mommy crafted things but they have to wait very long…


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