Last weekend

Friday night Julius brought home his mid term report card. In short: His mother is proud. He did very well!

All else was basketball and knitting (same old, same old). Julius had no game but some specific workout and therefore there was no obligation for me to actually stay and watch. So I went to a nearby café and finished the wrap in all colors of the rainbow I have been working on since Christmas. I would bring it to perfection (yeah!) with an icord edging. I love it! It is so beautiful. Somehow, the merino makes it squishy and soft, with the icord holding it into place. I wish you could feel it. Unfortunately you can’t, therefore I have uploaded more pictures than I usually would.

Rainbow Wrap häkelmonster Rainbow Wrap häkelmonster Rainbow Wrap häkelmonster IMG_Rainbow Wrap häkelmonster5636On weekends, I make it a habit to get up before everybody else does to have some time on my own – ideally with coffee and classical music. Last weekend was just like that.

Did you know that Angelina Jolie and I have something in common (other than looks, money, success and the handsome husband …)? Apparently, both of us need classical music (after all, that is what German newspapers reported the other day about her). For me, there is nothing like Edward Elgar’s “Salut d’amour,” Albrecht Mayer (principal oboe with the Berlin Philharmonics) playing no matter what, or most of Mozart to wake up in the morning or to help me unwind at night.

Whereas Julius loves rock music … Do I need to say more? Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC … The older he gets the more we need rules like: no rock music during meals, certainly not (!) during breakfast. Compromises for the rest of the day: Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Prince. And I wonder whether I was ever anything like that as a girl.

Socks Meilenweit Häkelmonster Socks Meilenweit HäkelmonsterOther than that I finished a new pair of socks – 6ply sock yarn, bright colors, basic pattern – in one day. Saturday socks so to speak. They were confiscated the minute I wove in the last end. Not easy when someone else in your house has the same size as you do. But it won’t be for long, I guess. He is already heading for the next size.



8 thoughts on “Last weekend

  1. Wow, die Socken sitzen perfekt und der Schal sieht auch prima aus. Ist das Sockenmuster von der Seite, die Du mir empfohlen hast? Schau Dir mal knit, swirl an. Die Designerin macht es oft unterschiedliche Farben Garn zu mischen.


    • Andrea – danke für den “Knit Swirl” HInweis – sehr cool! Die Socken sind schnell (weil 6fädige Wolle) und einfach gestrickt. Wenn man den Bogen einmal raus hat geht das wie von alleine 🙂


  2. Boah, der Wrap ist aber toll geworden!! Den musst du irgendwann mal irgendwie zeigen, so dass man ihn am Hals sieht. Tolle Farben!
    Und ich musste schmunzeln, als du die Lieblingsmusik von Julius aufgezählt hast. Da kannst du dich ja noch glücklich schätzen…meine Mama musste damals gegen die Hymnen der Love Parade ankämpfen. Waaahahahaha, die guten alten Zeiten. 😉

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    • Das freut mich dass du das sagst – danke! Gerade heute habe ich ihn allerdings verschenkt. (Die Beschenkte hat gejubelt).
      Und was die Musik anbelangt: could be worse, stimmt … Liebe Grüße

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