Five things

Rachell wrote a Five Things Blog Post, calling upon her followers to do the same. I very much enjoyed reading that. And as I am a faithful follower … (so tempting to add an emoticon here, but I won’t).

Being the way it is, five things in my life could easily be five WIPs (sigh …) but that would be too easy I guess. Now let’s see:

First, I was pleasantly surprised the other day to see little flowers next to where I work. What ever they are called – supposedly they always bloom in winter. Brave little fellows, I’d say.

IMG_0694Second, I am still in the knitting socks business. Just now, I learned how to knit the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. With a name that tempting I could not resist. What is more, I was given the pattern by Caitlin, a blogger I feel like knowing forever, even though we “only” exchange mails or comments every now and than. Thanks Caitlin! And to all of you out there: have a look at her blog! Both – her knitting and writing – are a treat!

So far, only one sock is done and I am pleased with the outcome. I will have to knit the second though – not only for comfort but to take in all instructions.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel HäkelmonsterThird, I gladly took note of the fact that Lego decided to dress Princess Leia. It’s no longer (only) the golden bikini (she was not permitted in that “garment” in my house) but some sort of a uniform. Still improvable, but better!

IMG_5656Fourth, I am (still) working on a baby blanket that I won’t show before it is done. So there is no picture to share. Time flies and I am not even halfway done …

And number five is for you Rachell: count me in when sharing jigsaw posts. I loved them as a child and I am still drawn to solving every puzzle there is – as long as it’s a good one (referring to quality not design).

IMG_5654Ravensburger are my favourite but that’s probably because I am German.

Who’s next in blogging five things?

3 thoughts on “Five things

  1. Loved seeing your Five Things oh faithful one 😉 I will share my next jigsaw and the completed one which is underneath my ipad as I type. You’re in the jigsaw club too. Yippee it’s not just me.
    Ravensburger make really good quality products, I’ve long been a fan. I didn’t know they were German but it doesn’t surprise me!

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  2. my god… i read babette blanket…. which is the name of a famous blanket in crochet.. sorry for my first comment… But I happy.. I have the answer of my question! German.. you are frome Germany 😋


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