WIPs to come

This morning (blue sky, birds singing) I refused to wear my winter coat to go to work. I chose handknits (cardigan, scarf, wrist warmers) and a down vest instead.

A decision I learned to regret the minute I left the house … And then again I did not. Yes, it was freaking cold but it felt like spring nonetheless. Consequentially, that spring feeling triggered my wanting to blog about spring projects … Here they come:

I have started knitting another Rikke hat in “baby colors” that a friend might like (I hope). It’s a no-brainer, something easy to carry along and to keep my hands busy whenever I am made to wait.

Rikke hat häkelmonsterThe next big(ger) project will be a poncho for a very dear friend. I chose Cashmerino, a beautiful lace yarn in 50% cashmere and 50% merino. The color is neither brown nor green but somewhere in-between and has some “tweed sprinkles” in in – very beautiful! However, it’s going to be tight (to say the least) as my friend’s birthday is in mid March …

Cashmerino HäkelmonsterThere are so many things I would love to knit right now! Yesterday, I ran into Regia sock yarn 6ply on sale !! Seriously, what could I do?! Ignore the sign and walk by?! No way! So I bought 5 balls in orange and 2 in pink (easy decision as there were no other colors). I want to make one of those chunky blankets I saw on Purl Bee (but in baby blanket size):

11th-hour-blanket PurlBee PurlSoho häkelmonsterOrange inside, pink outside. Seed stitch, icord edging – easy-peasy. Can’t wait!

Regia Fashion HäkelmonsterI won’t mention Jane’s baby blanket any more. Only that much: I am done three-fourths! And I most certainly need more time within the next four weeks!

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