It has been silent over here lately. And it’s not that I didn’t do much, it’s just – well – different.

What’s the point in taking pictures of small progress? Pictures of the same wrap over and over. See those markers? Every day I add a new one to see the tiniest progress. (Sigh…). Some kitting really takes forever to finish.

green wrap häkelmonsterSo I started a new one. A poncho. Only to fail (miserably) after 7 or 8″. Yarn and pattern flatly refused to cooperate. It would not work out – which I knew after the first few rows. However, I would keep going, if only to frog it after a week.

HäkelmonsterHow come frogging is always so liberating once you’re done with it? Weird. By the way, have you ever read the Knitty article on frogging and other ways to solve problems? It’s not new but it’s really good.

Then, I have finished the Rikke hat I told you about. Rikke hat N°3.

Rikke hat HäkelmonsterAnd – ta-daa! – I am done with the baby blanket for Jane! Tomorrow, I will post it and once it arrives safely in New Jersey I will show pictures. Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Idling

  1. Great post – I felt the same way this week! I really have nothing to show for all the started, frogged, and almost-done projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes. I love frogging (and so do the kiddos) right up until I pull the last stitch, when I always think “What have I done?!” The Knitty article (which I’ve read and forgotten about) is a good reminder. Thanks!

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