Blogging the World

It’s been forever years since a (then) young man gave me a huge Atlas of the World as a present. On the very first page he wrote: “The world is yours.” Looks like he was right!

At least that’s what I thought when digging out that atlas yesterday to look for countries and places together with my son. Countries and places with people who blog just like me and whom I have “met” one way or the other since I started blogging. We read each others blog posts and frequently like them, often times we comment, and occasionally we actually interact in “real life.” That – to me – is the best!

So far, I have sent three hexagons to West Yorkshire to be part of the Collaborative Blanket Patch initiated and that would finally go to Angela in Singapore. I crocheted 100 flowers for a yarn bombing in Gloucestershire and added squares to the first Crochet for Kidneys blanket Natasja initiated in London. Hannah’s blanket CAL (written in South Carolina) was the first CAL I ever participated in.

About a year ago, I would exchange crafting magazines and yarn with Caitlin in Minnesota, earlier this year I met Katharina who lives in Denmark when she came to Berlin, and without Janette’s advice (she lives in New Zealand by the way) I may have never finished my granny square blanket with that orange and turquois edging (due to lack of courage).

My current highlight? Last Monday I received gorgeous Indian glitter and gliz sent by Patchelle in France. Thoughts what to make out of it are fueling my imagination.

glitter gliz häkelmonsterThank you all – whether linked or not – for making it all worthwhile!



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