Wanted: A Knitting Journal

Lately, I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the perfect knitting journal. (I have found quite a few but they weren’t perfect, at least not for me) as I want to keep track of all the projects I have completed over the years.

Yes, I have blogged about quite a few of them, however … a journal, a real book, would be something totally different.

Here’s what I am looking for: a simple journal, sturdy and portable (that is: not too big, not too heavy), with pre-printed project sheets (pretty much the way Ravelry suggests) with several fields for each project’s start and completion date, the project name, and maybe even the intended recipient. Then, there would have to be room for the pattern source, gauge, the needle/s I have used and the yarn. I would need quite a few grid-lined graph paper pages for fair isle sketches or cable knit design. Additional pockets, a ruler (imprint), a knitting needle gauge, and a metric conversion chart would be useful; plus all sorts of guides such as standard yarn weights or universal fabric care symbols and – last but not least – plenty of room for notes. I would definitely need space. Lots of space! Not only to write down everything related to each project but to glue, store, keep labels, yarn samples, receipts, stuff. An elastic band (the way moleskine books have it) would be nice to keep my journal shut, did I mention that already? …

knitting journal häkelmonsterApparently, there is no journal like that out there. Maybe I missed it. Probably, I will have to make my own.

Any suggestions anyone? Do you have a knitting journal? If not – how do you keep track of all finished projects? Online? In a cardboard box? Not at all? Got any insider tips for me?? Please share!


10 thoughts on “Wanted: A Knitting Journal

  1. Well, that’s a good point. I restarted knitting early in 2013 und logged all my projects in ravelry. Most of my projects were made for me and a few projects for family or very very rare for very very good friends.
    I didn’t think of having a book or so. Maybe I should do some thinking about it.

    I’m looking forward to your results, will you have a post in your blog about your results?

    With love and hugs,


  2. Just a little notebook which fits in the tin where I keep my hooks, tape measure, stitch holders etc. I keep yarn bands and loops of each colour tied around each somewhere else for as lomg as I think I need them. I don’t need a notebook with sections and tables to fill in, I just write the name of a make at the top and the rest of the page(s) is what size hook, changes I made to the pattern, and/or notes for what I’d do differently if I make it again, plus the source of the pattern. I find I often click on the link to the pattern on my own blog, but I have a notebook too – after all you never know if you’ll be without the internet and it’s a good 20th C back up!


  3. Hi Carina,
    I have a knitting book, where i write down all the information needed and necessary in my opinion. At the top of the page (left side) I write down what it is – like shawl, hat, cloves, scarf, ect and in brackets the name of the designer or if there isn’t any the name of the pattern. On the right side of the top I note the needle size I used. I will also document a gauche. I stick also the seal of the yarn (and sometimes a peace of yarn) into the book because there is all the necessary information of it and I don’t have to write it down by hand. And after that, while knitting/crocheting I will write down all the steps I do/did eg. how many stiches I casted on, increasing or reduction of stiches, the cm-details of each section, ect . At at the end I will also document how many yarn I used (in meters and grams). I also use a sort of collage book because as soon as it is full I can file it in a big ring binder.
    I know that this is quite to much maybe, but I like to write down all these things. This helps me also to remind on some things I did and maybe adopted or something like this. This also reflects things which doesn’t work well.

    Maybe this helps you!


  4. Once I start for real, I use ravelry but for ‘ideas’ and ‘possibilities’ or my own designs, I use spiral notebook that has lines on the front of the page and a grid on the back so that I can graph patterns if I want to. I keep patterns in a notebook with plastic sleeves where I also keep the swatch if I’ve swatched for it. I tag the swatch with pattern name and needle size and gauge. For my dyeing, I am more detailed. I keep thinking of getting a looseleaf notebook with a flap to keep it closed where I could combine different kinds of pages and allow for the yarns and swatches. One day! Look forward to seeing your solution.

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