The (no longer) Secret Babyblanket

The blanket I made for my friend’s baby arrived safely in New Jersey and was well received. Apparently, the parents-to-be are very pleased with it – surprise successful!

Hence, no more secretiveness but pictures instead!

It has been months since I started blogging about the blanket’s beginnings. I remember crocheting where ever I went – if only to see my stack of circles growing.

babyblanket häkelmonsterThen, the project was on hold for a loooong time. Neatly packed in boxes, all those circles would go into hibernation as I didn’t know how to join them and which color to use as the main color.

babyblanket häkelmonsterFinally, in late January, I knew I had to proceed to get everything done in time. So I started arranging the circles … Arranging and rearranging … And crocheting more circles.

babyblanket häkelmonsterAt first, turning circles into squares was trial and error. Combining 10 for a first row was exciting.

babyblanket häkelmonster babyblanket häkelmonsterTo be honest, joining the remaining 90 squares would at times loose its glamour (…) and I took my sweet time finishing 10 rows of 10 squares each.

babyblanket häkelmonster babyblanket häkelmonsterFinally, a small but elegant icord edging (again, I know. Favorite edging of all times) in light grey.

babyblanket häkelmonsterAnd this is how the blanket turned out after washing and blocking:

babyblanket häkelmonsterI took a picture of the blanket in the washing machine but I guess we all know what it’s like when something that took forever to make is out of control. I would literally sit in front of the machine, pleading it to be good, observing every spin …

When dry and flat, the blanket was tested by one of us (guess who?) and found to be adequate.

The baby is due in two weeks.



9 thoughts on “The (no longer) Secret Babyblanket

  1. It’s beautiful! I just finished a blanket yesterday and put it in the washing machine. I had to leave the room because I didn’t want to witness it being torn apart (but it came out fine :))


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