Update on WIPs and Life

9 (nine!) months since I wrote those fall confessions, listing all my (then) WIP’s. My neighbor’s shawl, the blanket for Jane’s baby, the kiddo blanket made of squares, and the hat for the girl I used to babysit – all of them have long been finished. And now – ta-daaah! – I am done with the next-to-last WIP: the pattern I fell for when in Chicago – the green wrap.

lace shawl häkelmonsterIt took forever, I know … Due to the fact that I have made a mistake: Somewhere along the way I decided to knit as long as there was yarn. Big mistake, as after blocking it now measures almost 3 yards … It’s very pretty though. Maybe next fall, I’ll appreciate the length when wrapping myself into all of this lovely green.

lace shawl häkelmonsterThe good thing: Now, there is only one WIP left on that list. Of course, I have started plenty of others since then – however, I am pleased to bring those fall confessions to an end!

One more to go! It’s the black shawl made of lace yarn thin as sewing silk (maybe thinner …). Miraculously, new needles did the trick with this one. Ever since I am using ChiaoGoo’s interchangeable wooden needles it seems to take care of itself. And centimeter by centimeter the shawl is growing. (I don’t want to jinx it though … still two-thirds to go).

lace shawl häkelmonsterWhat else is new? Apart from blogging I started to translate a German asylum’s homepage. It is called KUNSTASYL, which I find hard to translate: Kunst = art, Asyl = asylum. Art’s refuge, maybe. Or: Asylum where art is created. Probably both. Initiator is my former neighbor Barbara, an artist from Switzerland.

Kunstasyl HäkelmonsterAlmost every day, she tells the story of one of the asylum’s residents while working on different projects with them. There is everything from joy to deportation, from a child’s misery to love, from war’s horror scenarios to open house at the asylum.

Translating those diary-like entries takes quite a bit of my time and thinking. And it puts things into perspective (to say the least).

Life is good on my end and I am much obliged.


4 thoughts on “Update on WIPs and Life

  1. I admire your patience with the thinner yarn. Your work is beautiful. Maybe I will try to work on some of the basket of thin yarn that was given to me after seeing your scarfs!


    • Thank you! The needles do the trick – that is what I experienced. You may want to try needles made of bamboo or olive tree with lace yarn. They are less “slippery”, however your stitches will glide. I have used steel before and it was nightmarish.


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