Again, I did not blog for what seems like an eternity. However, it was only a month. A very busy month though. Writer’s block was its consequence …

My dad is in the hospital. He is in his early 80s. He is fragile. He is seriously ill. Three times surgery within the last ten days. We all worry.

Then, my husband’s two sons are staying with us for seven weeks (another four to go). Let me put it this way: A household of three is different from a household of five – especially when I am the one with the part-time job and with no genetic disposition to do household choires whatsoever. Grocery shopping for five, laundry for five, not to mention cooking and the like for five – I wonder how others do that all through the year (taking my hat off to my sister who has five children …).

Plus, the boys are bored out of their minds. No surprise here. Teenagers, away from their buddies – do I need to say more? To top that, one has to work hard for some (online) school test with his motivation below zero. The other one stares at his cell phone 24/7. However, after almost three weeks, we finally develop a daily routine and it’s more and more fun to have them around. Again, more work though …

Especially, when my job is busy too. I feel like running all the time and not doing things right. Nowhere.

All time left is devoted to the garden. Weeding and watering, mowing and planting have been my yoga lately. So rewarding to see those bunches of (soon to be) mellow currants.

IMG_6798But for all that, I have finished another WIP. – I don’t like it though (it’s the grey one in the middle; I apologize for the ugly picture). The blanket’s colors are nice, plus it is in “Bavarian style” as I wanted it to be, but the idea of cuddling up with it is awful. The yarn (wool) is scratchy and itchy. No idea what to do with it. Time will tell.

baby blanket häkelmonsterLast but not least – I have knitted some more but have not taken any pictures yet. That is to say: more blog posts to come – ideally before August 🙂

6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Do you have a slow cooker? That’s what saves me when things get too busy. The blanket looks great, maybe felting would help to re-purpose it? Hang in there. I’m sure they all will appreciate your efforts!

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  2. I’m sorry that your family is going through hard times, I hope your dad is doing OK. And I can’t even imagine having one kid to look after, much less 5, so go you! And what do you mean by Bavarian style?


    • Thank you Hannah, that is very kind of you. My dad is still at the hospital and his condition is giving cause for concern.
      “Bavarian style” – traditional (folcloristic) clothing is very popular in Bavaria. Not only dirndl dresses and leather breeches but grey cardigans (mostly for men) with red and/or green edging (see: The blanket reminds me of those jackets.


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