Bloomy Baby Blanket

Who said “coincidences are to be expected, but any one of them must always be mistrusted”? I do not remember but that is exactly what came to my mind the other day and I will tell you why:

Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit about a baby blanket. It had to be crocheted, unusual but useful, and for boys and girls likewise. Finally, I decided on flowers in blue, cream, and beige. Not because I wanted it to be made of these colors but because there was no alternative. I had accepted an order to knit for Woolspire and those were the only colors of Drops’ Bomull-Lin available in their online store at the time (there is a fourth color now).

Be that as it may, I started crocheting and frogging until I finally knew how I wanted the blanket to look like. Within no time it was half way done:

Bloomy Baby Blanket häkelmonsterQuite a few ends were woven in, I would take pictures and work on the pattern, totally happy the way this was turning out.

Bloomy Baby Blanket häkelmonsterUntil I saw these flowers on Facebook by Petals to Picots:

Petals to Picots BANG!! Can you believe that?! Obviously two people in two places have had the same idea, without knowing each other but using (almost) the same colors!

Trust me – I was dumstruck! (to say the least). And I have not crocheted a single flower ever since.

The good thing about it? I discovered Kara‘s beautiful homepage Petals to Picots, that I had not read before. Only to find out, she designed her blanket back in 2013 – that is: two years ahead of me. Wow! I wish I had known her blog back in 2013.

However, from now on I will follow her, that’s for sure! And next time I design I will do extensive online research before starting with the first stitch …

In the meantime, I will have to let the whole design incident sink in for a while, sleep on it. And then maybe one day, I will finish my blanket. Unusual but useful, and for boys and girls likewise.

6 thoughts on “Bloomy Baby Blanket

  1. Why does finding that pattern keep you from finishing your blanket? That is a funny coincident but the blanket is beautiful and the way you wanted it! So why not finish it?
    Many greetings from Virginia to the capital, ivonne


  2. That is a crazy coincidence, but I agree with Aurian. You liked the way it looks before you knew about the other blanket, and it is still a beautiful design. You should still finish it.

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  3. Your blanket is looking amazing, really pretty! I know what you mean about designing something only to see other items on the internet that are almost exactly the same! But I’m not sure you can get away from that — after so many centuries of people making patterns there are bound to be patterns designed independently that are almost identical! Makes copyrighting patterns hard, and it makes me worry if even stitch patterns are copyrighted… Very unclear.


    • That’s exactly how I felt: so much work and then it has already been there – made by somebody else. Thank you for your comment Hannah, it is so good to hear from you.


  4. I just found your blog. I love your artwork. I am new to crocheting. I joined a group at church and they taught me how to crochet . Unlike my friends I am not wanting to make blanket after blanket. Please don’t misunderstand me their blankets and scarves and showers are beautiful. I made a large blanket last year – yes it took me a year. I only crochet when I’m with my group. And I’m working on one now for my living room. I love your various artwork projects and I really feel drawn to that!!! But I have to say I love your version of this flower blanket it is beautiful


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