de retour

Aquitaine was lovely. The fact that we did not have internet access (absolutely!) added to the fun. I read three books within a week, went to bed early, and spent hours staring at all shades of blue (water) and blue (sky).

Aquitaine HäkelmonsterOther than that, we would walk along the water for hours, build sand castles and tunnels, go to Cap Ferret by boat, and mount the Dune of Pilat. We did day trips to Bordeaux and used public transportation as much as we could. I do not remember ever eating so much fish in so little time (and, yes, we had red wine with it. Not white).

Aquitaine HäkelmonsterWe seriously considered moving to France.

Every now and then, the son would leave our mark and hide or display the little leaves I knit, each tied to one of my MIniCards. Our knitted version of what used to be a message in the bottle.

So if ever you found one – please let us know. He would be thrilled.

Aquitaine Häkelmonster Aquitaine Häkelmonster Aquitaine HäkelmonsterIn spite of everything – we’re happy to be back in Berlin.


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