Very easy Poncho

Knit a wide scarf in stockinette stitch – mine was approximately 23,5 inches wide and 63 inches long. Once the knitted piece is finished, block it and (when dry) fold it in half (closed edge to the right).

Join borders according to chart: start at the top left corner for the length of approximately 20 inches; make sure about 12 inches remain open (that will be your neckline).

Very easy PonchoThat’s all there is to it. You’re done!

To embellish your poncho you may want to add an icord edging on all remaining sides and around neckline (that’s what I did). Purl Bee has a lovely tuorial on how to do this.

Poncho Häkelmonster PatternTips & Techniques:

  • The width of 23,5 inches will be the poncho’s length (from neckline to bottom). If you’re taller than me or smaller (I am 5.7ft) you may want to adjust it.
  • The front of your poncho will be shorter than the back – that’s how I wanted it to be. If you don’t like that make sure the scarf is twice as long as it is wide. In my example it would have been 23,5 x 47 inches.
  • However, I would not downsize the neckline.
  • A different way to knit the poncho is to start with the long side, that is to say cast on stitches for 63 inches and knit until it measures 23,5 in height. Join sides using kitchener stitch and your seaming will be invisible. I thought about that too late …
  • No matter how you decide to knit your poncho – at the end the seam will run vertically all the way down your back.

38 thoughts on “Very easy Poncho

  1. Thanks for the pattern. It’s nice that the pattern is given in measurements, but it would be helpful to include details like a gauge so to make sure there is enough yarn to complete the project. (Because if someone knits at a tighter gauge they will require more yardage to complete and vice versa) Also, when something is knitted this loosely, it’s hard to make sure you have the measurements before casting off.

    Even the number of cast on stitches would be helpful here, if gauge is impossible to compile.


    • Dear Maria – you can use any yarn you like. Yarn and yardage I used are specified on Ravelry (3 skeins of Mirasol’s Sulka Legato). As a matter of fact I did not knit a gauge swatch as gauge was really not important for me when knitting the poncho (plus, I was too busy to get it done in time). It was a birthday present for a wonderful friend and was never meant to be shared as a pattern – until people started to ask. Maybe it is not a pattern after all but a suggestion?
      Warm regards – Carina.


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  4. Beautiful poncho & thank you for sharing! I just wanted to check on something. Looking at this schematic it looks like you sew the right edge closed when it’s folded so there’s a seam on the side and down the back?


  5. I think the schematic instructions are a little confused. How can I fold the bottom edge with a width of 31.5″ and have the vertical measurement on the right be 23.5″ (which is your starting width and then at the top you want us to join the first 20″ and leave open the last 12″ which butts up to the closed edge. That would leave a flap hanging out awkwardly. Shouldn’t the bottom fold not be folded at all, but the left side be noted as folded? Bottom edge should be open? Top edge should be from left to right: leave open 12″ (giving us a neck opening with no seam down the front just the fold) and then: join 20″ (putting the seam down the back of the garment).


  6. I love this pattern! Can you tell me how it is that the seam is at the back? It seems like the seem is doing to be down the front. Do you join the top, and the cast on/bind off edges?

    Thank you,



    • Thank you Michelle – I am glad you like it. I do indeed join the top (2/3, as indicated) but not the cast on / bind off edges (side remains open). And yes, the seam is at the back. Hope that helps – Carina.


  7. Oh my goodness! I was going to ask how many stitches etc but have read all the comments above – this is a lovely poncho and I think it’s basically making a long piece of knitting to your own measurements and then sewing up as shown. I’m new to knitting so may give it a go – I was just puzzled how you get so long a length of knitting on a needle, or can you buy extra long needles as mine are only 13″ long and it says to cast on 23.5″


    • Yes, give it a go! It’s just like you said: a long piece of knitting – very easy. And do not worry about the length of the cord (not sure if that is the correct word) of needle. The one you have is fine. Just push those stitches together.


  8. I’ve only just started knitting and think this is basically knitting a long piece to your own measurements and then stitching up like shown in the diagram. However, the only thing that puzzles me is being able to get 23.5″ of knitting on a needle when my needles are only 13″ long – did you use an extra long needle? I’m going to try and make this as it looks very nice and casual.


  9. Two Questions:
    1. If the seam is down the back, yet the opening is 12 inches from the back, wouldn’t that make the front of the poncho dip down low?
    2. I am running out of yarn and would like to make the icord to finish as you did. Right now, my poncho is 52 inches in length. If I bind off at this length, how will that affect the finished garment? I am making this for my daughter who is 5’2″.
    Thanks so much.


    • Dear Mary – if your poncho is 52 inches in length, it will be more of a square (rather than a rectangle) when folding it in half and sewing it as directed. That is to say, the back will the shorter than shown in my picture.
      The 12 inches opening will be the neckline. Feel free to make it a bit smaller but I don’t think you have to. It will almost be like a V-neck in front and back.
      It is hard to tell from afar, but my guess is that front and back will have about the same length when wearing the poncho.
      Hope that helps! Carina.


  10. Hello,
    I am loving your pattern and have the needles and yarn at the ready, however, a rough guide to how many stitches to cast on would be most helpful ( as per questions going back 2 years!!) a rough guide would be very helpful 100 stitches OR 70 stitches?? It makes a big difference 🤔 Looking at how nice your tension is on the Poncho I would imagine you are a “time served Knitter” – could you maybe count how many you have knitted and add that to this beautiful pattern and put us all out of our misery 🤗 Thank you. jean


    • Dear Jean – thank you for writing. As written over and again, I do not remember the stitches I cast on. And as I gave the poncho to a friend as a birthday present, I cannot count stitches now. It was never meant to be a pattern – it is more of a suggestion.
      However, as the rough guide you requested: Mirasol Sulka Legato, knitted with 3,5 (European size) needles, should be 28 sts = 4″. Hence, to obtain 23,5″ you would have to cast on 165 sts.
      If this is not what you were asking for, you may want to look at wikihow on how to obtain gauge:
      Hope that helps.


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