Estonian Lace

It has been a while since my grandmother-in-law gave me a scarf. A beautiful Estonian lace triangle. If I remember right it was given to her long before that, when visiting Estonia. However, I doubt she ever wore it and when we met for the first time she made it a present for me.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Since then I have tried everything to make it wearable … I soaked it in dishwashing liquid and later in shampoo. I let it dry in the sun and in the basement. Following Sophia‘s advice, I steam-ironed it under a soaking wet cloth. There is nothing I did not do in my attempt to make it less scratchy. Nothing worked.

Estonian lace haekelmonsterAnd I am definitely not touchy (after all I am the one who loves sock yarn knits). But whatever they used for that scarf – there is no way I can wear it the way it is.

Sadly, there is not much left to do, other than maybe a magic spell at full moon … Any suggestions anyone? Anything I might try to soften the scarf?

Thanks a million!




11 thoughts on “Estonian Lace

  1. I was going to recommend Eucalan, but I think that is a lanolin based product, so you have that covered. Failing that, I guess I would find outfits to wear it with that it could be on top and not touching you – like a turtleneck, or over a coat? it is so pretty, it is a shame to not be able to use it.

    Can you feel the wool when you wear it over a blouse? If not, maybe you could line it with a soft silk, so the wool isn’t; touching you too much?

    I wonder what on earth they made it with?


  2. Do you maybe have a friend that sews? Maybe they could put a liner of a light fabric on the inside? It would be so sad, if it wouldn’t be used, but I completely understand scratchy stuff is no fun at all.


  3. Maybe just keep washing in a wool wash, it’s obviously hard wearing but eventually it should soften up. If nothing works, I’d suggest wearing it over the top of your coat, the white would still look very pretty. I wonder what wool it was?? Good luck!


  4. Tur with vinegar and let it soak for 48 hours in it. Then rinse and hang it outside for the smell to vanish. Wash as you would with wool


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