Down To The River

I took three balls of beautiful Rowan Creative Focus Worsted to France and came back with another Down To The River.

You may have seen the first one I made of Drops Alpaca. If not – this is it:

Down To The River HäkelmonsterIt turned out nice (the pink edging is the icing on the cake, an eye catcher – don’t you think?) but quite a bit smaller than I thought it would. I should really take a picture of someone wearing it to give you an idea of its actual size.

In fact, it is more of a shawlette than a shawl. So I started over with beautiful Rowan.

What can I say? This second DownToTheRiver turned out so beautiful!

The yarn was a dream to work with. Woven in are bits and pieces of pale rose and grey, all else is – well – beige. A lot of beige. Beige with “grip”, beige that is soft. And all that beige turned out to be perfect to accentuate the lovely stitch definition and clever construction.

Remember how enthusiastic I was about Rowan’s Fine Tweed when knitting the Skyggen wrap? Well, that enthusiasm may be extended to Rowan in general :o) So much fun to work with!

Down To The River HäkelmonsterI took two pictures – one before and one after blocking. One in France and one back home. One next to the ocean, one in my backyard.

Down To The River HäkelmonsterWhat do you think? I enjoy reading your comments, please keep them coming!




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