The Carolinas

Tomorrow morning I will leave for the Carolinas together with one of my closest friends. We will stay a few days in Charleston visiting with another forever friend. Then all three of us will go to Mount Airy, NC before going back to Berlin next Sunday.

One week. Seven days.

So far, I have packed my knitting: Heaven & Space by Martina Behm with Ponderosa’s “Nachthimmel” (sky at night). Seriously, can you think of better names for a pattern and yarn to take on a plane?!

Heaven & Space Haekelmonster


All else to follow.



11 thoughts on “The Carolinas

  1. have a fabulous trip! I love Charleston, it is such a beautiful, interesting city. If you like to knit with beads, do search out the bead shop there, Beads on Cannon. I discovered it when I was there a few years ago, and it was loads of fun to explore. Very tiny shop, but she has some interesting things.

    I was sad to not discover a yarn shop within walking distance of the old part of the city, but it’s so hot, I guess they don’t need wool!


    • Thank you – I love getting recommendations like that!
      Especially, after I searched for a yarn store online but was no successful either : (
      However, there seem to be at least two in Mount Airy so I might still get some “souvenir yarn.”

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      • I even asked at the tourist information center. Apparently there used to a be a really nice one. 😦

        I am glad you will find yarn in Mt Airy – I am guessing in the mountains there is more need for knitwear. And Charleston has many other fabulous things, I suppose it can’t have everything. Some great shops on King Street. Hmm, I am thinking I need to plan another visit in the next few years. 🙂


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