Heaven & Space

The Carolinas were heaven and space. Heaven to be with my two friends and their daughters (no husbands, no sons). So many daughters, a total of five, beautiful, bright, loveable young women. We would spend hours on the porch of our airbnb house, talking, laughing, knitting (me).

And then there was space. Probably not the (aero)space Martina Behm had in mind when designing the shawlette. More of a letting-your-mind-wander-space when looking over the ocean in Charleston, when driving all the way up to Mount Airy, when being with a friend not talking at all (but communicating nonetheless).

One week in North and South Carolina was just as wonderful as I was hoping it would be. We stayed on a boat in Charleston, discovered the city by bicycle, had drinks at a roof-top bar, admired each and every crape myrtle’s pink beauty and every Charleston Single House. We enjoyed local food, were introduced to the Andy Griffith show and everything (everything!) that comes with it, did some shopping and slept in every morning.

Of course I visited the bead shop Beads on Cannon as suggested (thank you!!) and was deeply impressed by the very friendly and knowledgeable ladies who work there and their huge selection of beads.

Just one small downer: we did not manage to find the yarn store What’s Needlin’ Ewe in Mount Airy, supposedly “America’s friendliest yarn store.” (That’s what it says on their homepage). So, when back in Berlin, I sent them an email and (much later) a reminder – both are unanswered to this day. That is to say: no yarn souvenir. Too bad!

Heaven and Space Martina Behm HaekelmonsterHowever: I knitted (and almost finished) Heaven & Space within that week – thanks to lots of time and long plane rides … Upon landing in Berlin it was a shawlette with 16 pattern repeats (as suggested by designer) but I wanted it to be an actual shawl. Now it has 25 pattern repeats – enough width to wrap it twice around me. It is very nice!

Heaven and Space Martina Behm HaekelmonsterI love the pattern – knitting was fun. Still, I might choose a different yarn when knitting it again. Semisolid and sparkle and the geometric pattern are a bit too much (at least for my taste).

Heaven and Space Martina Behm HaekelmonsterA quick question: I am not quite sure whether I prefer it blocked or unblocked. Do I bathe it again? There is still some time left before giving it to my wonderful travel companion for her birthday. Ideally, she will remember the week we had full of women, warmth and wedding preparation every time she wears it.

Charleston Häkelmonster


8 thoughts on “Heaven & Space

  1. Oh, I am so glad you liked the bead shop! It is tiny but just filled with possibility. 🙂 As for the shawl, it is beautiful both ways, but I kind of like it less blocked and more texture-y.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with the exception of yarn, but nothing you could do about that, I guess. Wonderful to spend time with women friends in an interesting new place.

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  2. Oh, I live in Roanoke, VA which is only 1 1/2 hours from Mt. Airy with an airport and 2 yarn stores! Please come visit us on yr next trip! We are also 4 hours from Washington DC so you could easily spend an entire week going from one end of our beautiful state to the other! Love the shawl unblocked!


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