“There is a new spirit of optimism,” my boss wrote this morning from Chicago, “with the majority of the US population.” A new spirit of optimism?! – Hard to believe.

He attached a paper headlined “Germany in free fall.” Free fall – that’s more of how I feel. Not even knitting works for me right now.

Is it a coincidence that I am working on the ZigZag scarf? Zigzag is what my thoughts have been all of last week. Zigzag. I am confused, in shambles, wondering how I (and most of the world) missed the story. Is it that we did not want to see it? Was it there at all? Zigzag. It was definitly a wake-up call. Wake-up to what?

It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” Eleanor Roosevelt said. Hence, I started to look out for candles: there is definitly light on the Cozy Knits blog, with the #knitterspayitback intiative on Ravelry and all of Mairlynd‘s encouraging post on Instagram.

How have you been? Is there a light where you are? Would you be willing to share?


One thought on “ZigZag

  1. Well, I’m confused and on edge since Tuesday. I’m trying to figure out what this all means to me and my family. So far I haven’t but I’m not willing to give in or give up. After all there’s still a chance that this will play out well nothing is lost, yet. The cards have been dealt and know it’s up to us to play the hand.

    Don’t loose hope! We can do this!

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