Testknitting Windcatcher

Lately, I have been working on another test knit. Windcatcher is a beautiful summer top, designed by Dieuwke van Mulligan (dutte on Ravelry; knitter’s kitchen is her blog). I have never knitted any of her designs before. Hence, I was excited to be “on board” when she posted a call for test knitters.

Windcatcher is a simple looking top with a little bit of extravagance in the form of a lace panel at one side” Dieuwke writes in the pattern and I have to admit she had me with extravagance.

Windcatcher häkelmonsterTo knit my Windcatcher I decided not to use the recommended yarn (Coast by Holst Garn), but Tussah Tweed by BC Garn / Denmark in a beautiful olive-lime-yellowish green (just because it was in my stash). A color so lively and vibrant – I love it! Tussah Tweed is made of wild silk, 100 % Tussah silk.

A beautiful pattern, a beautiful yarn – hopes were high when I started this project. However, right now I guess I am about to understand that the varied yarn, its tweedy parts and irregularities may not be a good match for the top’s lacy part. It won’t do justice to the delicate pattern – at least for my taste.

Windcatcher häkelmonsterHence, so far I have frogged the lace panel twice, only to start over. I really want this to work, but it won’t.

This is why I am tempted to finish the top differently – less extravagant – and start over with yarn that is more suitable. I’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Before one of you says it … I did make one gauge swatch but should have made two, I know: one in stockinette (the one I made) and one to see the lace pattern … Well, too late now … (Sigh).


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