Peter and his blanket

Remember I made a blanket for Peter? Finally last week we met and I must say: he is adorable. I don’t think I have ever seen such a pretty little boy (other than J of course) with so cute little … Continue reading


The World is round

It’s that time of the year. We were gone for a few days. Germany, Belgium, France … No wonder my crocheting went well 🙂 There is progress, can you tell? Another 27 circles to go.


Elise is done

It’s been a while since I finished Elise – it’s about time I show pictures. The minute I was done crocheting (of course on a Sunday with all shops and stores being closed …) I wanted to wash and block … Continue reading


Crocheting in the Wake of the World Cup

Just like every other kid, J wanted to watch ALL the games and of course I would not let him (too many, too late). However, he got to watch quite a few and soccer would resume power in our house … Continue reading


A Blanket for Peter

Three weeks ago, my cousin had another baby: “boy N°3.” His name is Peter and the cousin asked for a blanket for her little son. (Isn’t it always nice to be asked?!) Of course, I started crocheting at once 🙂 … Continue reading


Crocheted Tunic

The first attempt (knitted) was a total failure, the second (again: knitted) was better but sagging and not at all what I had wanted it to be. The third time’s the charm! Here is the tunic I have made: It’s crocheted … Continue reading


The Tunic

No tunic! Ever! And I DON’T want to talk about it! Well …, in fact I do. Is there a pattern you would recommend – preferably crochet – maybe with granny squares (or the like) at the bottom hem? Something … Continue reading


World Wide Knit in Public Day

Usually, I have no problem (anymore) to knit or crochet in public. Actually, I love to keep my hands busy in cafes or when using public transportation. So when M suggested we’d go to Hoppegarten (the racecourse outside Berlin) on … Continue reading


Summer Crochet: Elise & I

It’s a fake. But I could not resist when getting off the train this morning.

shawl Elise haekelmonster.comNot the Bahamas, no vacation – Berlin Wannsee, journey to work. And I would only stay long enough for a few pictures (thank you gentle breeze, for your help).

Thereafter, I would stuff the (half way) finished lovely Elise shawl back into my backpack and hurry to work, trying to make up for the quick time-out at the lake.

Filing and bookkeeping are on my desk for today … (ugh!).

Unfortunately, swapping job with the duck was not an option 🙂

wannsee haekelmonster.comWhatever you’re up to: enjoy!


Flower Blanket Reloaded

It has been a while since I gave the red flower blanket to a wonderful friend of mine. M and I got to stay at her house last weekend and I was thrilled to see her actually using it. In spite of (or because of?) the space between the flowers it’s snugly and warming – perfect for those long-awaited evenings spent outside.

Makes me want to crochet another one right away …

red flower blanket