Spinning Wool

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Jessica is dead. I keep saying that to myself to make it sound more real. However, it does not. Jessica is dead. She passed away last week after living with cancer for almost three years. It wore down her body, … Continue reading


It’s Art!

Have you heard about The 100 Women Project? Amy Reader is the artist. Currently, she is completing her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Richmond, VA. The project is part of her senior exhibition. Amy needs you … Continue reading


Wanted: A Knitting Journal

Lately, I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the perfect knitting journal. (I have found quite a few but they weren’t perfect, at least not for me) as I want to keep track of all the … Continue reading


St. Nicholas

In late November the caretaker at work (remember I introduced you to him? He is the one who gave me the yellow yarn) wanted to build a wooden St. Nicholas. In fact, he wanted us to make two: one for … Continue reading



It’s been a while – I know. What can I say? Life has been (and still is!) busy and somehow I never got around to write lately. However, there has been a lot I wanted to write about! First and … Continue reading


No more Knitting Water

I am done with knitting water. No more! Over and out! However, here are pictures of the dark blue water for you to see. As always, J is modelling for me and – again – he prefers to be a bird … Continue reading


Same old, same old

Still working on water, occasionally knitting squids or making jam when tired of crafting. Amy is busy bringing the huge red octopus into being. Same old, same old … J has been gone for a week now (he is in … Continue reading


Stitch Markers

In need of stitch markers I have made my own.

handmade stitch markersSo far, they’re only prototypes: some are too long, the two on the very right may be too sharp-edged (depending on the yarn), and the little ring is too small on all of them (whereas the top loop is too big … sigh …).

I found these beads in the streets of Chicago when walking along. 17 beads all in. So I would pick them up, wondering what to do with them whenever I saw them again in my purse. Stitch markers were (and still are) the perfect solution. And guess what – they do the trick: they mark stitches 🙂


Plum Colored Cardigan

I still owe you the pictures of my cardigan –  I almost forgot. Remember, I worried about ruining it in the washing machine? Well, luckily I did not.

Finding the perfect buttons took pretty much as long as knitting the cardigan. For days I could not decide which ones to attach. Finally, I decided on mother of pearl. Depending on the light, there is some brownish-violet-plum inside that beautifully matches the yarn.

Then, I had M take pictures. That – again – would take a long time as either the yarn was depicted a lot lighter than it actually is (but all stitches were clearly visible) or it was pictured in its beautiful proper color (too dark to see anything at all).

Now, here is what we agreed upon:

IMG_1990 IMG_2020

It is a perfect cardigan in a very pretty color. However, if I were to make another one of these, I would probably choose a different yarn as the cardigan is now very heavy. I am afraid it might wear out at the yoke sooner or later. But for now it fits like a glove (is that what you say?).

Talking about colors, my hair started to turn gray when I was in my mid twenties. I would color it for a while (brown, blonde, blue) until I became too lazy (and less of a revolutionary …). Weird to see how white it has become (actually, quite a nice contrast to the dark cardigan 🙂 ).