The (no longer) Secret Babyblanket

The blanket I made for my friend’s baby arrived safely in New Jersey and was well received. Apparently, the parents-to-be are very pleased with it – surprise successful! Hence, no more secretiveness but pictures instead! It has been months since … Continue reading


Crocheted Tunic

The first attempt (knitted) was a total failure, the second (again: knitted) was better but sagging and not at all what I had wanted it to be. The third time’s the charm! Here is the tunic I have made: It’s crocheted … Continue reading



In Germany Pentecost is a holiday. There is Pentecost Sunday and Pentecost Monday. That makes it a three-day weekend and we were very much looking forward to it.

35°C outside (that is 95°F), enough ice cream in the freezer, and my parents visiting made up for J‘s root canal treatment (…) on Friday.

IMG_2105It feels like I didn’t knit or crochet that much lately (not to mention my orphaned blog …). Progress is ever so slow … Obviously, when it comes to knitting 35°C is the upper limit (for me). However, I am a lizard – I love the warmth!

An A-shape tunic, made of cotton yarn, is (one of four projects) on my needles right now.