1970s crochet blankets

Back in the 70s, when my sisters and I were kids, my mom would make blankets for us that we would use as bedspreads for years to come.

Looking back, it amazes me how she managed to keep the making of those huge blankets a secret until Christmas.

Lately, all three of them moved in with me. And I am not even sure my sisters know that I became the “keeper of handmade bedspreads” 🙂

The one with horizontal stripes in yellow, red, beige, and brown belongs to my elder sister. My younger sister was pleased to get the vertically striped one in turquoise, brown, and beige. Ultimately, mine is the checkered one in red, green, brown, and beige.

You can tell they’re old, you can tell they’re used but there is no doubt I will bring them back out again next fall.

crochet blankets

striped croched blanket

striped crochet blanket

checkered crochet blanket

crochet blankets

Did I ever say thank you? Just to make sure: Thank you, Mami 🙂

Nexus Sleeve

Sometimes I feel jealous that people are out there coming up with awesome stuff like this!

Neesha posted her pattern for a beautiful, no fuss, unostentatious crochet tablet sleeve.  Very easy to follow, uncomplicated to adapt (depending on tablet size), and a success without fail. So I decided to make this my birthday present for M. What can I say – it turned out great! Hard to show on a picture though.

Tablet Sleeve 1

Tablet Sleeve 2

But then I happened to find the knitted sleeve Dona made … To quote her  – I almost “died in jealousy and envy” and of course I had to make this one too. Here it is:

Tablet Sleeve 4

Tablet Sleeve 3

It’s a streamlined version without pom-poms but with a tweedy button and it fits as smooth and sleek as the crochet one. M unpacked both of them this morning (it’s his birthday today – ta daa!!) and I could tell he had no clue what it was. Fortunately, J and I could help 🙂 He then seemed to like both of them, took the knitted one to work and I am really, really pleased.

Easy Owl

Last night I ran out of yarn – no chance to work on either the ottoman cover or the African Flower blanket. Instead, I spent a long time reading (and admiring) my favorite blogs to finally crochet a little owl from stash just like Jacquie in UK and Janette in NZ. And while choosing colors and following the perfect tutorial (thank you!) I mused how small the world has become with everyone writing blogs and speaking English …

So here’s the German owl:

crochet owl

PS (24hrs. later): … and then there were two …

2 easy owls

No Flower Blanket

I started those little squares in 2010 (yes, 2010 …) and maybe I needed a blog to finally confess this will NEVER be a blanket. NEVER. Each flower square measures an inch …



But what am I going to do with them? Greeting cards? A mini scarf? A border of some sort? Or yet a baby blanket with the flowers spread out randomly? What color and how? I don’t know. What would you do? Suggestions are highly appreciated …

Oscar Niemeyer

CrochetCrown häkelmonster.com

“Life is very fleeting. It’s important to be gentle and optimistic. We look behind and think what we’ve done in this life has been good. It was simple; it was modest. Everyone creates their own story and moves on. That’s it. I don’t feel particularly important.”

Tom Dyckhoff, “Why Oscar Niemeyer is king of curves”, The Times Online (London, 2007-12-12)

Monsters unite

Surfing the net, looking for anything crochet or monster or both can easily keep me up way too late. There is some awesome stuff out there! It’s been a while since Noisy Pitta (http://noisypitta.blogspot.de/) posted her green alien.

Isn’t that a fabulous creature?! I have been looking at it more than once and finally last month a distant relative would arise from some left over raspberry red ball of wool.

Raspberry Red Monster


One of J‘s class mates seemed to be in need of a boo boo doll so last december Bazillus moved in with him. Ever since he has been going to school with the 2nd (now 3rd) grader, munching worries and attending classes. Maybe I should take another picture – Bazillus obviously has had a tough life between bed, school bag, and public facilities … This is what he looked like when he was young:

Crown Pattern

A must, I guess 🙂 I’ll give it a try.

Hatting Madly Crochet

I just had to share this pattern I improvised today. I have the flu at the moment, so if my instructions are unclear, I cannot be held accountable 😉

Hook: 3.5 mm (E/4)

Yarn: DK/8ply. I used Knitwise Pricewise Hero, from The Warehouse.

Size: to fit toddler/small child with head circumference 50cm (20″) approx – my daughter is 3 and a half.


ch 84, join with sl st making sure you don’t twist the chain.

R1. ch1, sc in same st, sc around, join with sl st

R2. ch1, sc in same st, sc around, join with sl st

R3. v-stitch (hdc, ch2, hdc) in joining st and every 3rd st around, join [the first v-stitch will be ch4, hdc]

R4. OPTION ONE… Shell (3dc, ch2, sl st in 1st ch, 3dc) in first v-stitch, sc in next v-stitch, repeat around, join [the first shell will be ch4, sl…

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